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Ale Good in Bruxelles

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

On our way to Morocco, we stopped one night in Bruxelles. It was for connection purposes, but also because we like to add small trips like these to feel like we made the most of our time off.

We booked an apartment on Airbnb next to La Bourse. We had a nice view and quite good weather (for some couple of hours at least).

The first meal we tried was a delicious fresh #seafood meet #streetfood meet fine dining lunch. We ate at Nordzee - Mer du Nord ( Place Sainte-Catherine, 50). They have standing tables in the middle of the street. You order at the counter and then you get called out to pick your order.

We ordered a platter of #oysters, some #champagne for me and beer for Radu, and Butterfish #ceviche to start with. Then we had razor clams with lemon sauce and some #shrimps. It was perfect to start our day of walking through the city streets.

I liked the fact that plates were actual plates, not plastic, not paper, but the real stuff.

We ended our 1-nightstand in Bruxelles with something I was craving for since 2009: ribs a volonte - so we went to Amadeo (Rue Sainte-Catherine 26). This is that restaurant in Bruxelles where you choose to dive into delicious and juicy ribs and they keep on coming. So will be your beer orders, not to worry! So they keep refilling your plate with ribs and buttery potatoes in an antique store feeling, always full of people being happy and relaxed.

We ended our night full, tired, but eager to visit Morocco.

Follow our journey in Marrakesh in the following post!

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